Fees Image

Fee Schedule

Share Draft Account Fees

Copy of Cleared Draft


Copy of Shared Draft Transactions


Courtesy Pay $20.00/item
Insufficient Funds Fee


Overdraft Transfer Fee


Returned Item


Stop Payment


EFT Fees

ACH Stop Payment


ATM Transaction

8 free per mo./$1.00 per item thereafter

Debit/ATM Card Replacement $10.00/order
Debit ATM PIN Re-order


Expedite Debit PIN


Expedite Shipping of Card


Returned ACH Payment


Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Abandoned Property Process Fee


Account Closure

$20.00 if closed within 6 months

Account Reconciliation $25.00/hour
Account Research $25.00/hour
Deposited Item Return

$20.00/if own check, $5.00 if not



Inactive Account

$5.00/month after 3 years

Notary for Members

1st 2 pgs. Free/$5.00 per page thereafter

Notary for Non-primary Member


Other Legal Processes

Subject to attorney fees

Outgoing Wire (Domestic)


Outgoing Wire (International)


Photocopy Fee


Quickchange Fee (members) 5% of total
Quickchange Fee (non members)

15% of total

Return Mail Fee


Stale Dated Teller Check Fee


Statement Copy

$1.00/per page

Tax Levy


Teller Check Stop Payment Fee


Teller Check to 3rd Party 1 free per day/$5.00 thereafter
Verification of Deposit